About Us

Retteb is based in La Carlota in a beautiful island of Negros Occidental. A small business and sustainable lifestyle brand created for eco-conscious person like me; I always consider myself an eco-conscious type of person, picking up some trash and put it on a proper place. I'm a proud doer of putting my trash inside my pocket/bag until I found a trash bin to throw it, a simple act with huge impact.


Plastic waste is a threat to our environment. waste, as I know it is a human invention. It most likely ended in our landfills and sea, ruining the lives of majestic sea creatures. Launched with only one goal in mind, to lessen the waste in our everyday lives by providing reusable alternatives to single-use plastic.

ocean pollution
plastic pollution in the Philippines
*Photo not mine, credits to the rightful owner*
As a country of one of the biggest plastic producers in the world. We decided to make a switch to more sustainable living and on that day Retteb was born.


Our mission is to rethink the way we consumes and offer reusable and durable alternatives to wasteful products.


Our vision is to encourage individuals to invest in creating a more sustainable environment for the next generations.